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Customized polystyrene foam

We can manufacture parts in multiple sizes according to our customers’ requirements.

/Architectural Elements

Technically advanced insulation systems designed by the FoamConcept offer design flexibility as well as a wide range of options for multiple uses.


Expanded polystyrene’s many attributes and its excellent adaptability mean that packaging challenges can be resolved economically. Whether used alone or with other materials, EPS packaging provides excellent results while reducing your costs.


Unleash your imagination with our expanded polystyrenefoam  blocks available in several thicknesses up to 30 in. (750mm) in widths up to 48 (1200mm) and lengths up to 192 in. (4800mm), in varied densities. You can work them, carve them, cut them and cover them to obtain sumptuous decor for the cinema, the theatre, showcases and much more.

/Your project

Do you have an idea??

FoamConcept will be happy to help design and develop your expanded polystyrene foam projects... whether for the construction field, the industrial sector or for custom-made products, our qualified staff will satisfy your imagination.