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Expanded polystyrene embankment LEGERLITE GEO60


  • 48" x 96" x 30"
  • 48" x 192" x 30"

Cuts available by order.


  • Conforms to CAN/ULC-S701 standards
  • Conforms to CCDG 14301 standard (B1 MTQ insulation)


The Groupe Legerlite certifi es that this product conforms to the CAN/ULC-S701 (Intertek) standard.

Ultraviolet degradation

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays will produce slight discoloration and crumbling of surface. Insulation properties will be reduced minimally unless exposure is long enough to reduce thickness. To avoid ultraviolet degradation, cover block as soon as possible.


EPS beads should be considered flflfl ammable when subjected to a source of intense heat or a constant strong flflfl ame. They are vulnerable to petroleum-based solvents and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


Physical Properties Imperial Metric TEST GEO60
Thermal resistance: r-value at 75ºF (24ºc) for 1 in (25 mm) thickness (hre.pi2 .°F) / BTU (m2 °C W) / W ASTM: C-518 C-177 0.76 m2.°C/w/25mm (4.3 h.ft2.°F/Btu/in)
Compressive strength (min.) at 10% distortion psi (kPa) ASTM: D-1621 414 kPa (60 lb/in2)
Bending strength (min.) psi (kPa) ASTM: C-203 517 kPa (75 lb/in2)
Dimensional stability: % of linear change (max.) % % ASTM: D-2126 1.5%
Water vapor permeability (max.) - (ng/Pa.s.m2) ASTM: E-96 130 ng/Pa.s.m2 (2.3 perm)
Water absorption (max.) % % ASTM: D-2842 2%
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ASTM D-696 6E-5mm/mm/°C 3.5 E-5in/in/°F
Usage temperature (max.) Constant Intermittent 75°C (167°F) 82°C (180°F)
Flame spread CAN/ULC S102.2M ‹ 140
Smoke development CAN/ULC S102.2M ‹ 325
Compressional modulus (min.) ASTM D-1621 15 000 kPa (2 175 psi)