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LegerR+Prem. – Wall and Floor insulation (EPS) | Foam Concept

Neopor rigid expandable polystyrene insulation covered
with an aluminized vapour barrier for interior walls.
Leger R+ Premium 3/4 "(R3.45) exceeds
the requirement for insulation of thermal
bridges R4 when combined with a cardboard
fiber 7/16" (R1.30) or OSB 7/16 "(R0. 68).

Physical Properties Imperial Metric TEST LEGER R+PREMIUM
Thermal resistance: r-value at 75ºF (24ºc) for 1 in (25 mm) thickness (hre.pi2 .°F) / BTU (m2 °C W) / W ASTM: C-518 C-177 R4.6
Compressive strength (min.) at 10% distortion psi (kPa) ASTM: D-1621 16(110)
Bending strength (min.) psi (kPa) ASTM: C-203 35(240)
Dimensional stability: % of linear change (max.) % % ASTM: D-2126 1.5
Coefficient of thermal expansion (max.) in/in/°F (mm/mm/°C) ASTM: D-696 6 X 10-5 (3.5 X 10-5)
Water absorption (max.) % % ASTM: D-2842 4
capillarity - - - Nil