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Legerfoil – Wall and Floor insulation (EPS) | Foam Concept

Legerfoil is Legerlite EPS Type I insulation covered with a reflective vapor barrier. This product provides the protection of a humidity vapor barrier, plus the addition of reflectivity to the R-value of type I EPS insulation.

Legerfoil can be used for interior foundation walls and conforms to National Building Code standards and energy-saving building regulations when installed according to our guidelines.

The Legerfoil 4” X 8” X 2” offers a thermal resistance of R-11 and the 4” x 8” x 3” format R15-5 with the installation of furring to create the necessary airspace for adequate reflection.

Physical Properties Imperial Metric TEST Legerfoil
Thermal resistance: r-value at 75ºF (24ºc) for 1 in (25 mm) thickness (hre.pi2 .°F) / BTU (m2 °C W) / W ASTM: C-518 C-177 4' x 8' x 2" r-11* 4' x 8' x 3" r-15,5* with the installation of furring to create the necessary airspace.
Compressive strength (min.) at 10% distortion psi (kPa) ASTM: D-1621 10.2 (70)
Bending strength (min.) psi (kPa) ASTM: C-203 25 (170)
Dimensional stability: % of linear change (max.) % % ASTM: D-2126 1,5
Coefficient of thermal expansion (max.) in/in/°F (mm/mm/°C) ASTM: D-696 3,5x10-5(6x10-5c-1)
Water absorption (max.) % % ASTM: D-2842 6
Effective temperature range: › continuous › intermittent °F (°C) - 167 (75) 180 (82,2)
Flame spread rating - - (CAN/ULC S102,2 M) EN ‹ 115
Smoke developed - - ASTM: (CAN/ULC S102,2 M) ‹ 430
capillarity - - - Nil