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Legerlite SM – Wall and Floor insulation (EPS) | Foam Concept

Legerlite SM expanded polystyrene is Type I insulation with a minimal thermal resistance of R-3.7 per inch of thickness. Legerlite SM conforms to National Building Code standards and can be used for interior or exterior walls, foundations and also under concrete floors.

Its low price, versatility and cost/R-value ratio make Legerlite SM an outstanding insulation option with permanent thermal resistance, since its performance does not diminish over time. Legerlite SM is ecological, as it contains no CFCs or HCFCs and is 100% recyclable.

Legerlite SM
Legerlite SM
Physical Properties Imperial Metric TEST Legerlite SM
Thermal resistance: r-value at 75ºF (24ºc) for 1 in (25 mm) thickness (hre.pi2 .°F) / BTU (m2 °C W) / W ASTM: C-518 C-177 3.7 min. (0.70 min.)
Compressive strength (min.) at 10% distortion psi (kPa) ASTM: D-1621 10.2 (70)
Bending strength (min.) psi (kPa) ASTM: C-203 25 (170)
Dimensional stability: % of linear change (max.) % % ASTM: D-2126 1.5
Coefficient of thermal expansion (max.) in/in/°F (mm/mm/°C) ASTM: D-696 3.5x10-5(6x10-5C-1)
Water vapor permeability (max.) - (ng/Pa.s.m2) ASTM: E-96 5.25 (300)
Water absorption (max.) % % ASTM: D-2842 6
Effective temperature range: › continuous › intermittent °F (°C) - 167 (75) 180 (82.2)
Flame spread rating - - (CAN/ULC S102,2 M) EN ‹ 115
Smoke developed - - ASTM: (CAN/ULC S102,2 M) ‹ 430
capillarity - - - Nil